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2049 Obra Contemporánea S.A. started its edition activity in 1998 when it developed limited edition of 22 Salvador Dali sculpture Works certified by international Dali experts Robert and Nicolas Descharnes.

In December 2016 the Company reached an agreement with the Dali Foundation  of Figueres in Spain to continue its work and enlarge its Collection to the 44 pieces which conformed the until then known as «Clot Collection of Salvador Dali Sculptures»  now re-named «Port Lligat Collection of Salvador Dali Sculptures».

2049 Obra Contemporanea SA exclusive licensee for Dali Sculptures

Due to its quality and strict control and rigor, Obra Contemporanea’s editions of Salvador Dali Works are fully accredited by the Dali Foundation.  The Dali Foundation is the highest international authority on Salvador Dali.   It is the official Foundation created by Dalí, responsable for managing the artistic, cultural and intellectual oeuvre of the painter and the most rigurous regulator of all its Work.

The agreement reached with 2049 Obra Contemporánea S.A. is the result of various years’ work, during which time the Foundation has carried out an exhaustively thorough legal and artistic study of Dalí’s three-dimensional and sculptural Work.

According to the Foundation, upon signing this agreement, «a new era of sharing the surrealist master’s sculptural works has been born, enabling true Dalinian sculptural work to enter the market with full academic and artistic rigour».
The Foundation will control, supervise and accredit the editions made by 2049 Obra Contemporánea, and shall support the sharing and presence of these sculptures on the market, thereby fulfilling the assignment Salvador Dalí himself left us with: to protect, promote and develop his artistic legacy.

For Access to the entire document published by the Dalí Foundation please click here.

2049 Obra Contemporanea S.A. is a Spanish Company registered under number A/48-998058.

The Company is run by a Board of Directors chaired by Mr. Alberto Delclaux de la Sota (Tubos Reunidos and Mutualia), Mr. Fernando Garteiz Gandarias and Mr. Alfonso Basagoiti Zavala (IBV Corporation, Patron of Guggenheim Bilbao Museum).  It is directed by Carolina Artola Aguinaga.

Headquarters:   Muelle Tomás Olábarri, 5 – 48930 Getxo – Vizcaya – Spain

Offices:  C/ Ayala, 7 – 28001 Madrid  – Spain