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PortLligat Collection Dali Sculpture excel editions

THE ART OF EDITION – PortLligat Collection Dali Sculpture excel editions

In the absence of the Artist, 2049 Obra Contemporanea is proud to carry out a most strict and rigorous edition process of each Work that guarantees the value of each of our casts.  In this sense, our credibility as editor is essential.

Each of our editions has been developed from the original mold of each work as acquired directly from Dalí.  All enlargements have been supervised by international expert Robert Descharnes first, and the Dalí Foundation since january 2016, and the casting is still taking place at the same foundries that cast the first pieces during the lifetime of the Artist so they have knowledge of each work.

To identify each of our casts, every one of them is clearly stamped with the following:

Pre 2016:

  • Dalí signature
  • Edition number
  • Seal of foundry

Post 2016:

  • Dalí signature
  • Edition number
  • R.A. (Reproducción Autorizada ie. Authorised Reproduction)
  • @FGSD (Dalí Foundation seal)
  • Seal of foundry

Each piece is accompanied by the following documentation:

  • Editor certificate issued by 2049 Obra Contemporanea S.A.
  • Foundry certificate.
  • Since 2016 accreditation by the Dalí Foundation *

Each piece with all its details is recorded within the Editor Registry Book.

*Should you own a pre-2016 cast and wish for it to be approved by the Dalí Foundation please get in touch with us by sending us your email at the bottom of the page.

2049 Obra Contemporanea S.A. editions conform to the strict Standards of editing according to the Dalí Foundation as published in their web site (click here for full view), and to CAA Standards of casting and editing (click here for full view).