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Project Description

WINGED TRITON   –    Sculpture by Salvador Dali

Winged Triton

Half-god who comes from the depths of the sea, to calm the waves and lull the storms…


A.P. casts of the 78 x 77 x 43 cm edition are part of the permanent collections of the Spurlock Museum (Illinois, USA) and of the Memorial Art Gallery of New York.

In mythology, charitable half-god who comes from the depths of the sea, on occasions he is also bloodthirsty. According to the legend, Triton used to appear above the waters to calm the waves and lull the storms.

Did Triton ever emerge from the deep waters at Cape Creus?  Did Dali ever see him all powerful conquering the forces of nature? This thought comes to our mind when we see how many drawings are conserved in which the painter, with raised hand, drew various silhouettes of Neptune’s son.

Technical Description

Original title:  «Tritón Alado»

Created by Salvador Dali in 1975

Original media:  modelled wax

Original size:  33cm (12.99 in)

Port Lligat Collection of Salvador Dali Sculptures

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Photo 1.  Front and Back views.

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