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Project Description

WOMAN LYING ON A TOWEL  –   Sculpture by Salvador Dali

Woman lying on a towel

Venus sunbathing.  All the pagan world encapsulated in a quiet moment in this piece by Dali, who enjoyed broadcasting his love for his native Catalonia.

The goddess has already arisen from the waters, and instead of Botticelli’s seashell, she has chosen a towel – almost a Roman mattress – to lie on, bringing her closer to our times.


A nude Venus, or a nude Gala? Dali’s muse may well be sunbathing in the small beach of Port Lligat.  Are the fishermen staring? Neither she nor Dali cared.  Naked body, sun, sand, sea, all beautiful dalinian themes expressed here on a beautiful horizontal composition.

Technical Description

Original title:  Mujer tendida en toalla

Created by Salvador Dali  ca. 1973/79

Original media:  modelled wax

Original size: 17.5 cm (6.9 in)

Port Lligat Collection of Salvador Dali Sculptures

Obra Contemporanea Editor

salvador dali sculpture port lligat collection clot collection woman lying on a towel mujer tumbada en toalla