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PORT LLIGAT COLLECTION of SALVADOR DALI SCULPTURES (previously known as «Clot Collection»)

«Lo menos que puede pedirse a una escultura es que no se mueva.»  Salvador Dalí

(«The least one can ask of a sculpture is for it not to move.» Salvador Dalí)

The original Works were modelled by Dali’s own hands before being lost-wax cast in the 1970s.  They hence represent the most rigorous sample of the Artist’s sculpture creation.

PortLligat Collection The Works Dali Sculptures

The 44 Works which form this Collection are a reflect of Dali’s Universe:  SURREALISM – with references to Duchamp, Freud, Hitchcok, Jensen and including fantastic double and triple images;  CLASSICISM – paying tribute to Cellini, the Renaissance and academically perfect to the eye; and RELIGION – very present on the last third of his life it includes the most beautiful Christ and Madonnas.