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Project Description

ANGEL OF VICTORY   –   Sculpture by Salvador Dali

Angel of Victory

“Now we are angelic beings!”  Salvador Dali


An A.P. cast of the 66,5 x 40 x 37cm edition belongs to the permanent collection of the Georgia Art Museum, USA.


From the end of the 1940s, which coincided with the mystical stage that led him back to Catholicism, Dali’s creative universe became gradually peopled by angels and archangels. These beings, of indeterminate age and sex, messengers of the gods and mediators in the conciliation between matter and spirit, came to be the object of study and analysis by Dali. As an adult, following his marriage to Gala which took place at the Virgin of the Angels Chapel, he exclaimed: “Now we are angelic beings!”

Technical Description

Original title:  «Angel de la Victoria«

Created by Salvador Dali ca. 1973/79

Original media:  modelled wax

Original size:  12cm (4.7 in)

Port Lligat Collection of Salvador Dali Sculptures

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