Project Description

DULCINEA   –   Sculpture by Salvador Dali


She is all that is feminine, subtle, fragile, sweet… life!

 Don Quixote found the embodiment of Love in a village girl from El Toboso.  This amorous ideal, thou unperceived by others, was for the errant knight a source of stimulus and strength.  Dulcinea, as a real being, only existed in the mind of Don Quixote in Cervante’s novel, but represented for him the ideal woman come true.


Dulcinea was to Don Quixote, what Gala was to Dali.  She was his inspiring muse, the female ideal which could satisfy all his longing.  Dali, who always had to fight against the giants in his mind, found in Gala the antidote which would release them.  The maestro admitted that without Gala his entire dream world would have ceased to exist; she was the centre-piece though which Dalinian art became visible; she made it possible for Dali to become “the divine Dali”.

Technical Description

Original title:  «Dulcinea«

Created by Salvador Dali ca. 1973/76

Original media:  modelled wax

Original size:  12cm (4.7 in)

Port Lligat Collection of Salvador Dali Sculptures

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