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Project Description

WOMAN AND DEAD MAN  –   Sculpture by Salvador Dali

Woman and Dead Man (aka «Pieta»)

In the Sixties, when Dalí created this, he found himself preoccupied by death and searched for inspired solutions for achieving immortality. Such was his preoccupation that he even wrote a short treatise entitled Diez recetas de inmortalidad, (Ten recipes for immortality) [1973] in which he explained certain procedures for reaching this much-desired state: «Giving back life will be a routine operation.»

In this work we can discover the human concept of death, can it be a Pieta?, a Vanitas? It is a dead man in the lap of the woman he loves: mother, wife, sister. In this bronze statue Dalí fashioned the dissolution of forms as a symbol of death, as a formal representation of the return of the human being to mother earth and the ambivalence of the end and the beginning, the alpha and the omega.

Technical Description

Original title:  Mujer y Hombre Muerto (aka «Pieta»)

Created by Salvador Dali  ca. 1973/79

Original media:  modelled wax

Original size:  7 cm (2.7 in)

Port Lligat Collection of Salvador Dali Sculptures

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