PortLligat Collection Salvador Dali Sculptures Exhibitions

«Sin una audiencia, sin la presencia de espectadores, estas joyas no alcanzarían la función para la cual fueron creadas. El espectador, por tanto, es el artista final. Su vista, corazón, mente—con una mayor o menor capacidad para entender la intención del creador—da vida a las joyas.»   Salvador Dalí

(«Without an audience, without de presence of spectators, these jewels would never achieve the purpose for which they were created.  The spectator is hence, the final artist.  His or her insight, heart and mind – with more or less capacity to understand the creator’s intention – is what gives life to the jewels.»  Salvador Dalí)

As Dali  himself understood it, it is the spectators that give life to any Art Work.  A piece of art not able to be admired or criticised by the public turns dead, unable to fulfill its purpose, that is to stir, move, touch whoever looks at it.  The Clot Collection has been largely exhibited since its creation in the 1970s.   Since December 2016, all exhibitions of the Port Lligat Collection (previously known as Clot Collection) are arranged in accordance to the Salvador Dali Foundation of Figueres and maintaning its high quality educational and artistic standards.

For information on our exhibition programme or on holding one of our exhibitions please send us your e-mail through our contact on our home page.