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PortLligat Collection Salvador Dali Sculptures Public Art


«Public Art contributes to the process of place making»  (Sucher, 1957)
«There is no background better than the sky, because you are contrasting solid form with its opposite – space!» (Henry Moore)

«Public art is exactly that, art in public spaces. The term “public art” may conjure images of historic bronze statues of a soldier on horseback in a park. Today, public art can take a wide range of forms, sizes, and scales—and can be temporary or permanent.

Being public, the art is free and accessible to everyone. Public art creates a heightened awareness in the viewer of the site of the people and the broader context of what’s around them. Today, viewers may capture a photo of the public art on their smartphone and share the work and the experience with others, extending the reach of public art beyond the site.

Whatever the form, public art instills meaning—a greater sense of identity and understandings of where we live, work, and visit—creating memorable experiences for all. »  (American for the arts.org)

PortLligat Collection Salvador Dali Sculptures Public Art:

International Public Art is a specific area of work within Obra Contemporanea.  It works together with specific clients such as cities, communities, companies, corporations… to achieve the permanent installation of Works exclusively developed for a given location.   Project development includes close collaboration with local architects and engineers to make sure that the final Art Work will enhance the public space and the enrich the community.

For more information on collaborating with us for the promotion and installation of international public art please send us your email through our contact form on our home page.